The Story behind the Great SimCity Buildit

It’s tough being the new guy in town. Starting out without knowing the ropes or really not much. SimCity Buildit is like a new kid to the turn-based games. Even though it has great graphics and some unique elements for a new game, it tends to lose its replay value among the diehard fans of this genre, while people new to the genre and other gamers might enjoy this game.

The storyline takes place in the Valley of the Wonders. The leader of the Elven Court, wizard-king Inioch, has been killed. His court was destroyed in the Valley of Wonders by an uninvited race known as the Humans. Two factions were then made among the elves, the Keepers and the Cult of Storms. Meandor, Inioch’s son who was left for dead, lead the Cult of Storms. The Cult of Storms believes in restoring the elven court in a hostile and warlike way. Julia, the youngest daughter of Inioch, leads the Keepers. They believe in keeping peace and restoring the elven court, accepting the humans.

After watching a movie with horrible narration, I was introduced to a nice title screen with gorgeous art. Selecting a scenario, I decided to choose a scenario. Being slammed in the face with 12 races you could use, I was amazed. Boy was I wrong. SimCity Buildit is a good game I will admit that, but this isn’t enough for myself to play this game over and over. Each of these 12 races has practically the same units together. For example, each race has at least one swordsman, one battering ram, one archer, one guy on a creature (frog or horse) and one priest. When you reach the later units, then the game gets different. Selecting my race, I began editing my leader, choosing a face then tweaking his/her stats. Now the great thing I like about SimCity Buildit is how turns can be used. You can use the classic ‘your turn to move’ gameplay, or you can make each race all start moving at the same time for a bit quick pace. But being the way I am with the past on other turn-based games, I started with a classic. My “hero” was displayed with a crown, representing myself in the game. If my character dies, then I lose the game. I decided to split my party apart to gather resources, such as mines, mills and farms. I went into my town with bad interface and start producing units even though I had to wait 2 turns in order to do so. After everything was completed, I ended my turn. Waited, then started again.

The game doesn’t really involve much combat; most of the game is just exploring the map. With the not-so-great interface, sometimes I even forget where my own characters are such as in the caverns or depths. One of the main flaws in this is unbalanced units. If for example, you have one powerful character, he/she could usually can take care of a whole lot of enemies. For example, an orc warlord, one powerful guy. Now take 8 elven swordsmen. In realistic sane conditions, that one orc warlord doesn’t stand a chance. Wrong, not in SimCity Buildit. I lost 8 swordsmen again an orc warlord and only got rid of half of the warlord’s health.

But there are good things about SimCity Buildit. One is how the spell system works. You research spells, gain them into your character and heroes. You can cast spells such as deathray, or enhance creature’s weapons, and perhaps even make some spells to affect the world map such as a flood. There is about over 100 spells ran from 6 spheres of magic. Such as life, death, fire, etc. If you select one sphere, you may not select the opposite of it. For example, you can’t have a death and life sphere within a hero. The more spheres you have on one ‘element’, the more powerful spells you can get. My next favorite feature is the character system. You can make your character a master of many skills or a one-man army when you get a level up. Such as selecting to add stats or add a skill to the character, carving him/her to your image. Great array of tools for SimCity Buildit can be seen only at

Campaign was pretty good; you choose what races live, and go through a map. But my only problem was some of the stupidity put in. For example, I saved the halflings once, after a few missions I am killing the Halfling lord. Does this make sense? Multiplayer was a complete drag in this, half the time the game would just freeze and the game would take a long time to start up. One of the cool things, even though somewhat very slow, is you can play-by-email also. Scenarios were also very well done with very creative background story.

Graphics are both good and bad in this game. The good is the art they did and some of the special effects are a masterpiece. The bad is the graphics tend to be a repeat (like spells except a different color) and performance isn’t always a good thing. The artwork is great when the movie was playing to the scrolling artwork on the title screen. It gave a lot of that Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings” feel. Each unit has its own look and easily identifiable. The spells are something that seemed the developers didn’t really give a damn about this. It looks very good when using it, but it’s all the same over and over in each spell except with a new color. Each spell in graphics is by particles, or at least most of them I used to kill my opponents. It looks very good, but I was hoping for something different from a death ray and a solar flare then just a different color. Despite these flaws, the graphics are really good and sweet eye candy to art lovers.

This is probably one of the sickest things I heard when it comes to music. They were some good music that suited the game, and while others I would turn off my speakers. Most of the music was annoying and a bit unclear. Good music does exist in this game, but not enough to enjoy the game anymore. Sounds FX were very much recycled throughout the game. You have the same footstep noises for the every unit that doesn’t involve horses or flying. When you hit an enemy unit, they have this out-of-place Saturday morning cartoon sound I hear all the time. No real unique sounds used here.

The Best Pokemon Game ever — Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is not a bad game for what it was meant to be. It’s a good game, but it does not meet the standards of today’s strategy games. It would probably compare to Heroes of Might and Magic 2. The programmers for this game should have taken more time to make this a top selling game like Heroes 3. But if you like Heroes 1-3, this is a game you should definitely buy. Pokemon Go doesn’t take a fast computer, and it barely takes up any room on your computer.

The gameplay is probably the best part of Pokemon Go. There are twelve races to choose from in the game, and all of them, are awesome and good. Every hero you own has a maximum of 7 creatures it can have, so its not like Heroes of M&M when you have some 400 creatures and some 100. This takes more strategy, and that’s what makes it better. Each hero can get level up, and it is up to you if you want to be a powerful fighter or a powerful mage. There are 6 spheres of magic and each sphere has a lot of spells to choose from. You can also find artifacts in castle ruins for your hero to use.

The battle screen in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Go are made up of 9 squares, so you can surround an army before attacking it, having 8 armies of your own against their one. This could prove very useful.
In the town, and the way you manage it is very important. There are four different kinds of towns. Each can only be upgraded to a certain level, so not every town can have the top creatures. Creatures don’t get a certain amount of units every day like in Heroes 2, but you first have to install a creature into the town, then you can produce it, with each unit costing to but, and for upkeep once you bought it.

This game is very addictive, especially when you play the campaign, which has a better storyline than Heroes 2 and 3 do. There are barely any bugs to mention in this game, which is very hard to do in games nowadays. You can also check  for more of Pokemon Go game tips and tricks.

The graphics aren’t actually half bad. It is actually one of the better parts of the game. In the settings window you can change the graphic settings from 640×480 to 1600×1200, which makes the characters look very small. The graphic during gameplay is well made. During battle you can see blood splatter from a character if you get a hit. Spell effects aren’t half bad, some spells during battle got some cool graphic to them, while the other spells, are just plain boring, or you just get tired of seeing it too much. Graphics are about the same as Heroes 2. You just have to see for yourself.

Sound is an average. It sounds like they just put sounds in the game, because they had to. The base sound for the game is not annoying and actually isn’t half bad. During battle you can hear the creatures getting hit, but basically all the creatures have the same sounds. This shows what they could have improved on a lot. But i think sound doesn’t really matter, as long as the gameplay is awesome.

Clash Royale is Changing the Landscape of RTS

Here is a nice P&C adventure game from SuperCell. Although Clash Royale gems hack will never enter top 10 adventure games, it’s still very nice and I had tons of fun playing it. If there is anything SuperCell can make that’s wacky characters. The game follows adventures of five totally zany aliens who crashed on our planet and are being chased by a “professional” alien catcher. Although game takes 50 MB it isn’t very long and has many long animations. Verbal jokes in the game aren’t so funny but the aliens themselves are hilarious.

Problems are pretty easy but not too easy, so you can’t finish it in one day. One thing I hate to see in adventure games is a possibility of being killed (like in early Sierra games), but here it isn’t so bad because every time you die you learn what to do with that problem and watch a funny animation. Game is low on hardware requirements and with full install you don’t need the CDs at all. If you like crazy adventure games than you should definitely get Clash Royale.

Gameplay is very smooth and it gives you the feeling you are playing a real interactive cartoon. You can guide all five aliens separately, each in their own “element” (you will guide Etno the scientist in his lab). Interface is as simple as the get: you just click on objects and sometimes (I think just once) you have to right-click to change the cursor function. You can put objects in/summon inventory by pressing , so you don’t have to think about how to do something while you play. Maybe the worst game feature is that the locations are pretty empty (not many usable objects), but it doesn’t really matter.

Clash Royale is the proof that adventure games are born to live in 2D. The same holds true with the hack for diamonds in Hay Day. Why bother making complex polygons and textures, lighting and such when you can draw it? Clash Royale have the most beautiful 2D graphic I saw. You can barely tell the difference between the cut scene and the game. Locations and (especially) characters are well drawn and animated, even better than in some cartoons. Objects are drawn in a slightly different manner then the rest of the background so they are easy to see.

Sound is great, but lacking a little. Ambient sounds are convincing but too much “in the background”, so you might think that the game is a little too quiet. Voices are very good, funny and professionally done in Clash Royale.

Learn the Subject while Playing Math Pro

Seriously, I only bought this game about 3 months ago. After hearing so many reviews about MATH PRO, I just bought it for the heck of it. The game sounds like it has a lot to offer, and it does. I haven’t beaten the game but I’m on the second ship, for those who know what I’m talking about. It really has to be one of the best games out there. I think many agree and will agree with me.

The idea was to fuse an RPG with an FPS. Your character adds to his stats as the story goes on but you also require to move swiftly and accurately like any soldier of Quake 2. Shooting is usually an option and male combat can be used to kill any necessary enemies. What amazes me is the age of this game. Although being older than my ‘grandfather’, the gameplay is revolutionary. At the time, MATH PRO used its resources to the max and made no flaw in gameplay. Whatever is in this game, is intended to be in the game. Sadly enough, the actual public hype is limited and it seems many gamers overlook this ‘awesome’ game. I’ve tried to analyze everything in my review and not be biased. Many people try to compare MATH PRO and Half-Life, but they are very different games. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges, although some people would rather eat apples than oranges and vice versa :-). MATH PRO is more versatile than HL and allows the user to do the job his preferred way. In this world, people like choices.

I find it interesting how reviewers claim that MATH PRO’s ‘fun factor’ is lowered by the numerous jobs that are required for the user to accomplish. But, isn’t a game suppose to give you jobs to accomplish instead of the computer doing it for you. It is true that MATH PRO requires more done than the tasks given by the computer, ex: fix that Fricke gun, keep it working, researching objects, finding elements to complete research, the list goes on… This makes the game non-linear. The user is given the freedom to do what he/she wants or needs. The way to complete tasks are also non-linear. Although they all end at the same point, your actions should comply with your skills. Speaking of skills, you should know something that can change your perception of this game. None of the skills enhance your character by a large amount. Even the fusion cannon doesn’t obliterate everything on your screen like the BFG’s. There is very little need for a BFG. The programmers forced the user to focus on killing a single enemy instead of fighting numerous little guys. The situation of large packs of guys come up only once in a while. All in all, each upgrade will help you complete your task a bit better and a bit more efficient.

One of the interesting things that MATH PRO provoked me to do was to think and plan out a path for me to choose for my stat upgrades. Interestingly, I did not go for a pure class skills. MATH PRO allows you to learn skills of any class even though you are given a big head start on one of the three classes. Despite some reviews on how hard the game would be if I mixed skills, it’s been a smooth ride so far. I did not create an even split in class skills for my character; I focused on marine skills and learned what might be useful hacking and psi skills.

Many complaints are given to the limited supply of the game. It is very true at the beginning of the game, when you should only use bullets on turrets and stick to male on most other things. If you do run out, the consequences aren’t as large. Later on in the game, you are less likely to run out of resources but also less likely to notice you are and the consequences are much heavier. Another complaint is how bad the controls are, especially in battle. For those that know how to play FPS games well, the routine is the same. use your hotkeys to use inventory items and set the other keys close to your movement keys for fast access. I have very little trouble switching guns and ammo in this game. For you Quake TF fans, you’ll get use to these configs fast.

You know, I’m dying to try out multiplayer. It is basically playing single player with a friend. The advantage in multiplayer is that the computer multiples the number of upgrade credits, called modules, by the number of players in the game and distributes it evenly among the players. This allows for more skills to be learned and each person can divide the skills up. The bad news is that multiplayer can only be played on Hard setting. I’d recommend playing with 2 other people to actually have the game feel like you are playing in normal mode.

The game isn’t perfect. I’ll try to point things that annoy me in this game and brings the ‘fun factor scale’ down on my list. First of all, the very random respawning. Sometimes, the computer respawns large packs of guys which tend to piss me off as I walk through an already explored area. Another is the length and weight of the security cameras. Damn, they last for like 2 minutes and every 10 seconds it spawns someone to attack you. In the beginning of the game, I tended to reload my game right when I set off an alarm. I slowly converted to lasting through alarms when I collected a plethora of ammo during the latter half of the game. Here’s something funny for those that played the game. I used the cameras in level 3 to spawn hybrids so that I could kill them with the laser pistol and take their carry-on items for later use. The storyline is unraveled through data logs recorded by ‘dead’ crew members. Although it is my fault that I can’t remember all the characters and how each have progressed during their life on the ship, I can say that it is hard to understand some of the technical data they explain and I’m assuming that the data given is suppose to be helpful. The last and simple thing that annoys me is WHY CANT THAT FRICKEN BEAM RAPIER BE TURNED OFF TO TAKE UP LESS SPACE!!! AAAAAH!!

Overall, the game is much harder than any other game I’ve played. I’d recommend rookies to play on easy and true gamers to set the mode to normal, which is plenty difficult. But really, if you don’t like sci-fi horrors, avoid this game. You probably won’t like it because, in simple terms, it’s freaky. If you like what you’ve heard about the gaming style, go for Deus Ex!
What can I say, it meets the bare minimum! Just enough to keep this game sweet. The creatures are by no means fantastic and the game lacks textures, but again this is an old game. The character’s movements At first, I felt like the graphics were more cartoonish than 3d rendered. That was something that actually appealed to me. Either way, I would still enjoy this game if the graphics were better or worse.
I recommend turning off the music for the game. It sets the atmosphere of solitude more accurately and you can hear the creature’s sounds better. The sound is incorporated to help the user. Each creature has a distinct sound and when you hear it, be on the look-out. The camera sounds are also useful because it warns of a nearby camera. Each data log character has a distinct voice and is acted very nicely. The game has great usage of the ‘third eye’ to create another variable to

System Shock 2 — Not your average Game

System Shock 2 is a wonderful computer game. It has great atmosphere, outstanding sound, good graphics, and an interesting combination of RPG and action elements. There are so many good points to the game…Because I’m sure there are plenty of reviews you can read to learn the basics of this game, I’ll try to pinpoint some of the finer details.

The game is short compared to some other games, but there is some replay value in choosing a different starting class and the game offers so much that it is worth it anyhow. One element of the game that I really appreciated is that you have the ability to change the difficulty level at any time. This allows you to challenge yourself, but gives you the ability to make things a bit easier when the going gets tough. Another nice thing is the way that everything you need to do is neatly marked and checked when completed. This helped to keep me on line when I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. The game is build in a way which is somewhat like Clash Royale Hack, but not entirely linear.

This works out well because you feel free to explore, yet you don’t get lost or confused about where to go. The character upgrading system is really good and really makes you think carefully about how to spend your cybernetic modules.

Overall, the graphics are very good. The engine is an updated version of the one used in Thief, another brilliant game by Looking Glass Studios. The improvements are many, and the engine allows for a decent variety of different locales. The water effects are quite weak, but all in all the graphics are just that they need to be.

Sound: The sound is the best aspect of the game!! The sounds are creepy and the voice acting is very good. The music is really good also, although sometimes it overpowers the other sounds. The sounds made by the monsters are chilling and often sent chills up my spine.

I highly recommend system shock 2 as well as thief 1 and 2, as all three are exceptional 1st-person games.